Our Story


As we traveled for work and leisure, we found ourselves wanting more than that “just-passing-through” feeling — we wanted to see the true personality of a place and its people whenever we landed in a new city. We knew that a great way to connect with local culture was through food, but it was hard to find the authentic gems among the generic hotspots that filled up most review sites.

As we talked to travelers, hoteliers, and local restaurants, we realized that closing the gaps in communication between all of these groups would create a virtuous ecosystem. So we built Savorite, a platform that connects hotels with local restaurants. With Savorite, hotels can differentiate their brands by delighting their guests with authentic local cuisine, all while empowering local restaurants to thrive. 

James Park has spent the last 25 years in leadership positions at GE, Harman, LG, and Samsung. Since founding Savorite, James has been able to combine his passion for solving problems through both technology and people with his love of travel — and, of course, great food. James lives in San Francisco.