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—  For hotels  —

Even as they look to technology to leave less to chance, travelers still crave moments that are real, unscripted, authentic. They want to feel like they’re in on a place’s best-kept secrets, discovering spots that review sites and apps don’t even know about. They may even want to feel like they’ve not just traveled to a new place, but also back in time.

Hotels like you are in a unique position to make such moments possible. By building relationships with neighborhood restaurants, you can recommend local gems to your guests. 

However, it’s probably not easy for you to always stay up-to-date on all the restaurants in your area, especially if you’re in a place that is constantly evolving and changing. And communicating this local knowledge can be cumbersome. In fact, many concierges still jot down their recommendations on slips of paper. In this complex system, many restaurants, particularly smaller, newer ones, sometimes struggle to get on concierge’s lists.

Savorite bridges this digital gap between hotels and restaurants, making it easy for hotels to stay up-to-date on their area’s restaurant options and for restaurants to attract travelers. 

When you join Savorite, your staff’s top picks for local restaurants will appear in a custom mobile experience that your guests can easily access. 

In this ecosystem, everyone wins. You engage with your guests by helping them connect with local culture and people during their stay. Restaurants can more efficiently reach new customers and grow their businesses. And travelers can easily feel like they’re part of a local culture, right from their very first meal.


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